Equipment Rentals

With Triad Equipment, rentals are always an option. Most of the products on our website are available for short or long term rentals. We can also arrange lease or rent-to-own contracts as well. Regardless of your financial state, we can likely accommodate your need.

Renting from Triad Equipment is ideal for the following reasons:

  • You can still proceed if you have a freeze on capital expenditures or limited capital facilities.
  • You can wait to calculate well results prior to committing to large purchases.
  • You can easily turn rentals into rent to buy with no penalty.

Benefits your company receives by renting from Triad Equipment:

  • Your company can free up cash that would otherwise be tied up in owning hard assets, with fixed costs being converted into variable costs.
  • Rentals allow your company to operate with a better debt-to-equity ratio.
  • Your company’s capital is not tied up owning equipment that is not needed regularly.
  • Rentals allow your company’s financial resources to be utilized in core business objectives.
  • Unexpected production changes are easier for your company to accommodate. If your project requirements change, you aren’t left with unneeded assets, trying to find equipment that can handle the new requirements. You can more easily meet the required changes so you aren’t operating undersized equipment on your facility.

If you’re seeking a rental, whether short term or long term, that could possibly turn into a permanent asset, rent-to-own is an option that you should consider. It lowers the risk in buying equipment that may not be needed, while reducing the cost to purchase it with every month that passes.

Based on your circumstances and needs, we can design a rent-to-own agreement that works for you. Give Triad Equipment a call if you have any questions or would like more information.

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